Attendance Accessories

Attendance Accessories

Fingerprint Scanner:

Fingerprint Scanner Virdi BioSeal-P

Fingerprint Scanner Virdi FOH02

Fingerprint Recognition Modules:

Today, we can use the same biometric identification technique to do our projects--including a biometric authenticator and access control system--with the help of readily available fingerprint identification modules. Two sections of fingerprint processing include fingerprint registration and fingerprint matching (matching can be 1:1 or 1: N). A user needs to reach the finger two times while enrolling. Based on processing results, the system will process the two-time finger images, create a finger template, and store the template. The user enters the finger via an optical sensor when matching, and the device will create and compare a finger template with the templates of the finger database.

Fingerprint Recognition Modules Virdi FM-30FP

Fingerprint Sensor Virdi All-in-one

Access Control Virdi SR-100 FP

Card Reader and Card Accessories:

Electronic Accessories:

Palizafzar Company always has been trying to resolve the need of customers with supply time and attendance accessories for use of time & attendance systems and access control devices. Attendance accessories include external and internal fingerprint sensors, contactless devices, and electronic accessories for connecting access control devices with computer.