Trefoil Turnstile Gate L128

  • Multi-operating modes, including single passage in the set direction, bi-directional single passage, a free passage in the set direction, and always free or locked
  • Trefoil Turnstile Gate overall plate structure, the box materials using standard 304 stainless steel, scribed line decoration, streamlined structure, the bottom is equipped with the base during the casing within a professional guide tank.
  • Stable and safe style, L128 Turnstile Gate can be installed in indoor, outdoor with shed, applicable to restrict the passing rate of the place, has the count, attendance, current limiting function.
Unlock Time (Second) 0.2
Pass Rate (Person/Min) 35
Pass Width (mm) 550
Input Power (V) 100V~240V
Require Voltage 24v
Working Temperature (Celsius) -25 ~ 70C
Power Consumption (W) 35
Dimension (mm) 1120*280*960