Tripod Turnstile Gate LV128

  • Fluency motion of three arms
  • Set it easily one-way or two-way operation
  • Tripod Turnstile Gate with modern design
  • This wonderful Tripod Turnstile Gate support bi-directional traffic
  • Wide passage for disabled access and large goods delivery
  • Ergonomic design and robust construction
  • Stainless steel having 15 millimeters thickness.
  • Easy setup and installation tripod Turnstile Gate.
  • 35 people passing in 1 minute through excellent access gates.
  • Equipped a self-examine system in the event of technical problems to ease of use in maintenance.
  • Flexible Tripod Turnstile Gate has standard electrical interfaces for integration with fire alarm systems.
  • Tripod turnstile Turnstile Gates can connect with notifying alarm systems to reopen paths in case of danger or power outage automatically.
  • Tripod Turnstile Gates can communicate with card, fingerprint, facial Access Control systems.
  • Security stainless steel Turnstile Gates integrable with time attendance and Access Control systems.
  • Entrance and exterior barrier gates with three arms
  • Massively uses in center malls, fitness clubs, public transfers, especially at airports, bus stations, and official buildings.
Unlock Time (Second) 0.2
Pass Rate (Person/Min) 35
Pass Width (mm) 550
Require Voltage 24
Power Consumption (W) 24
Input Power (V) 110 ~ 240
Working Temperature (Celsius) -24 ~ 70