Tiara Fingerprint Time Attendance Device

  • Biometric fingerprint Time attendance system based on Android OS and quad-core
  • Time attendance device having auto sensing fingerprint when touching live fingerprint
  • Biometric time attendance device ability to read a fingerprint in 3 modes: server only ، terminal only and server along with terminal
  • Biometric attendance device capable to define up to 10 fingerprints per personnel by displaying images and quality for each finger individually
  • Ability to register 100,000 users and identifying them under 1 second 1 /N
  • Time attendance machine capability to taking photo from personnel
  • Time attendance device with contactless reader 125 KHz , 13.56 MHz
  • Time attendance system with the ability to schedule device by touch screen
  • Biometric attendance device 5" touch display and 800*480 resolution
  • Tiara Fingerprint time attendance device including Li-ion polymer battery
  • Time attendance system with a speech system in different conditions
  • Time attendance device equipped to show power status, battery, and card reader lights
  • Ability to define specific types of time tracking such as vacations, holidays and missions by using a card or touch screen time attendance device.
  • Time and attendance device ability to disable each user
  • Define a user as a device administrator in the time attendance device
  • Time attendance system with the possibility to activate two Relays for each personnel by determining activation time length
  • Possibility to activate two Relays as alarms by determining time length for opening and closing the door
  • Biometric attendance device with an anti-scratch optic fingerprint sensor with recognizing a fake fingerprint
  • Time attendance device with the ability to send a message for each user or all as online or offline
  • Time attendance machine by displaying the staff's full name as online or offline
  • Time attendance system by displaying the number of present personnel at work
  • Biometric time attendance with the ability to personalize device audio messages
  • Biometric time attendance device with Persian and English calendar
  • Time and attendance device with RS485, RS232, Wiegand(Optional), LAN, USB, and Wi-Fi connection
  • Ability to update time attendance device through software or flash memory
  • Time and attendance device with the ability to receive information through the network and flash memory
  • Possibility to put time attendance clock in a LAN network as a node
  • Time attendance device with the ability to create an Excel file output from personnel
  • Time attendance system with the support of Persian and English languages
  • Time and attendance device with different ways to recognize such as fingerprints, password, cards or a combination of them
Max Users 500,000
Event Log Storage 10 Million
Log Images 20,000
Fingerprint Storage 200,000 Templates
Fingerprint Resolution (DPI) 500 DPI, Virdi of Korea, Anti-fraud
Card Storage 500,000
Card Type RF or SC
OS Android 6, 64 Bit
CPU Frequency 1.5 GHz
CPU Type ARM, Quad-core
Internal Storage 8 GB
Camera 5 Megapixel, Samsung
Display Size 5 Inch, Touch
Display Resolution 1280*720
LCD Color 16 Million
LCD Touch Touch SSD
Keyboard 5 Touch keys
RS232 Yes
RS485 Yes
Wiegand Yes
Wi-Fi Yes
Dimension (mm) 199*120*47
Weight (g) 700
Working Temperature (Celsius) -20 ~ 60
Working Humidity (%) 80
Power Supply DC 12 V - 2 A
Price: 1,234.04 $