Digital C1100E Cabinet Lock

  • Easily use, beautiful case with different color
  • It is work by contact-less card or bracelet tag waterproof
  • Defining manager, operator and user card or tag
  • Usability delete every defining with manager card and reset key
  • Auto lock after using cabinet
  • Weak battery alarm
  • Easily change battery
  • Different alarm for each situation
  • Use 9-volt battery when device damage is damaged
  • Alarm for semi-open door
  • Useful in athletic clubs, pools, private shelf
Card Storage 1 Manager, 1 operator and 1 user
Display Type LED indicator and buzzer
Card Type Contactless 125 KHz
Power Supply 3 AA 1.5 Volt Battery
Dimension (mm) 30*100*30
Weight (g) 230
Working Temperature (Celsius) -10 ~ 50
Working Humidity (%) 80