UBio-X Iris Time Attendance Device

  • UBio-X Iris is a contactless iris and recognition system.
  • UBio-X Iris, new <strong>Access Control</strong> and time and attendance machine, recognizes iris at a distance up to 50CM.
  • Biometric fingerprint and iris <strong>Access Control</strong> terminal, UBio-X Iris provides fast and accurate iris authentication even when users wear glasses or masks, protective clothes, niqab, hijab, and so on.
  • Virdi <strong>UBio-X <strong>Iris time attendance device</strong></strong> is equipped with an auto-tilting camera, detecting iris automatically.
  • UBio-X Iris, combined with a thermal sensor, measures a user's body temperature.
  • In case of fever, the user will be rejected access, and log data is registered on the server.
  • Consisted of high-performance and speedy iris algorithms, UBio-X Iris, recognizes 40,000 iris templates within 1 second.
  • Embedded fingerprint sensor, UBio-X Iris, has been certified FBI PIV and Mobile ID specification FAP 20.
  • With a multi-modal authentication function, UBio-X Iris supports fingerprints, cards, and passwords.
  • Multimodal authentication, including iris, fingerprint, or card, can be widely used in various ID verification for huge applications, especially at airports, hospitals, construction sites, and places requiring attention to hygiene.
Max Users 200,000
Event Log Storage 10 Million
Log Images 20,000
Iris Storage (1:1) 200,000
Iris Storage (1:N) 20,000
Fingerprint Storage (1:1) 200,000
Fingerprint Storage (1:N) 50,000
Fingerprint Resolution (DPI) 500 DPI, Virdi of Korea, Anti-fraud
Card Storage 200,000
Card Type 13.56 MHz, 125 KHz-EM, HID Prox, HID iClass
OS Android
CPU Frequency 1 GHz Quad Core
Camera Auto-tilting Dual, recognition up to 50CM
Display Size 5” Color Touch
Keyboard Touch Screen
RS232 Yes
RS485 Yes
Wiegand Yes
Wi-Fi Optional
Dimension (mm) 160*214*45
Weight (g) ....
Working Temperature (Celsius) -20 ~ 60
Working Humidity (%) 80
Power Supply DC 12 V - 2 A