Titan Face Recognition Terminal

  • Tian is a contactless face and fingerprint recognition terminal.
  • Titan is the first Iranian face Access Control and time and attendance terminal recognizes faces at a distance up to 1.5 meters.
  • Titan, with its liveness detection technology, is a serious warning for criminals.
  • Biometric time and attendance system, titan's anti-spoofing algorithms combat fake photos, videos, and 3D masks.
  • A High-performance algorithm provides the fastest matching up to 50,000 faces and 200,000 fingerprint templates.
  • Accurately recognize faces in brighter light conditions up to 25,000Lux
  • High authentication processing in 1 second
  • Facial time and attendance device, Titan is provided with a 1.5 GHz quad-core CPU and 1 GB Ram
  • Face Access Control system, titan supports multi smart card: 125 kHz cards and 13.5 MHZ cards.
  • Having a 5-inch touch LCD with easy GUI
  • Titan, a Facial time and attendance device, is equipped with live fingerprint detection technology by Virdi.
  • Titan Face recognition terminal is equipped with a multi-modal authentication function, supporting fingerprints and cards.
  • High ability to register and store 20,000 image logs, 500,000 users, and 10 million event logs.
  • This, a Face recognition time and attendance device, permits individuals to register users by a mobile-taken photo to upload it to the server. If you already have pictures of your employees, you can enroll their faces by transferring the images to your server. It overwrites the earlier registered image with a new one on your server when you validate for the first time to improve authentication accuracy.
  • Titan, a face and fingerprint recognition system, can be extensively executed in id confirmation for a wide range of request, especially at commercial facilities, automatic shops, airports, officials, home security, and construction sites
Max Users 500,000
Event Log Storage 10 Millions
Log Images 20,000
Face Storage 50,000
Fingerprint Storage 200,000 Templates
Fingerprint Resolution (DPI) 500 DPI, Virdi of Korea, Anti-fraud Sensor
Card Storage 500,000
Card Type 13.56 MHz, 125 kHz
OS Android
CPU Frequency 1.5 GHz
CPU Core Quad Core
RAM 1 Gbyte
Camera Equipped with 2 cameras with a detection power of up to 1.5 meters
Display Size 5" Full Color
Keyboard Touch Screen
RS232 Yes
RS485 Yes
Wiegand Yes
Wi-Fi Yes
Dimension (mm) 160*222*59
Weight (g) ...
Working Temperature (Celsius) -20 ~ 60
Working Humidity (%) 80
Power Supply 12 V - 2 A