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Time Attendance and Access Control Systems

Palizafzar is the pioneer and leader of designing and manufacturing biometric time and attendance systems, access control systems, and time tracking software with over 20 years of brilliant experience in Iran.

Time and Attendance Systems :

Biometric face and fingerprint time attendance systems are among the most powerful devices for ensuring working time, and employee absences are managed correctly to monitor and improve operational efficiencies. Additionally, time attendance systems can improve to decreasing costs, increasing security, avoiding mistakes in calculations, and saving money.

Access Control Systems :

Virdi is the best brand in biometrics for most excellent safety and convenience, which started in 2000. It has become the most successful brand in supplying face and fingerprint access control systems worldwide. For us, this is an enormous honor to declare our collaboration with Virdi as an authorized distributor and service center for Virdi products through over 40 active representations in Iran.

Palizafzar biometric time attendance and access control devices can operate stand-alone or networked–server-managed devices linked to time & attendance software and payroll software. Palizafzar systems can also imitate a card reader, functioning as an interface to legacy systems.

Time & Attendance Software

Some time & attendance software empowers businesses to log accruals for sick time, vacation time, and other types of paid time off. Additionally, some systems permit personnel to request time off within the software and let managers either approve or reject those requests. Digital time tracking clocks have the same function, but instead of recording the times on a paper timesheet, they record the times directly into the time and attendance software.

Virdi and Palizafzar Partnership

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