Security & Access Control System

Security & Access Control System

Access control gates:

Access control gates can use to control the physical path or input and ordering of traffic in interest places. These gates are made with different sizes and models for other locations and conditions. The types of available gates in the market, especially three turnstile gates, glass, or speed gates, flap barrier gates, and swing barrier gates.

Speed gate A608

Swing barrier gate Y305

Tripod turnstile gate YL121

Tripod turnstile gate Y148

Tripod turnstile gate LV128

Tripod turnstile gate L128

Flap barrier gate L228

Flap barrier gate Y248

Biometric fingerprint door lock:

Fingerprint door locks use personally identifiable information, especially fingerprints, cards, and PINs, instead of traditional keys. They often use an optical scanner to store the fingerprints of anyone authorized to unlock your door. Once the scanner recognizes that you are an authorized user, it will open the door. Fingerprint locks function by scanning and turning your fingerprint data into a numerical template. Once you put your finger onto the scanner for the first time, the conversion into numerical data occurs, and it gathers your fingerprint templates.

Fingerprint door lock Virdi 430FP

Fingerprint door lock Virdi 473

Fingerprint door lock keylock 6600

Door access controller:

A biometric door access control system determines who is authorized to enter or exit, where they are allowed to leave or enter, and when they are permitted to enter or exit by using fingerprints and facials.

Virdi MCP 040

Lock controller V-LC015B

Fingerprint access control:

With Fingerprint Door Lock you can record your own fingerprint or smart card and open the door. You can also use the Bluetooth Mobile connection with the access control device to open the door.

Virdi FMD10 access control

Guard patrol device:

For monitoring and reporting, the guard function is used to ensure patrol at times and paths specified by the manager and logging events while patrolling the guard.

3000 EF1 patrol device

Closet and cabinet lock:

To open the door closets or cabinets in sports places, hospitals or any place, you can use digital cabinet locks card or contactless tag.

Closet and cabinet lock C1100E

Car fingerprint starter:

If needed, the vehicle is only available to one person or designated persons, and the use for others is prohibited this device can be used. This device controls the car's startup and petrol simultaneously.

Car fingerprint starter