Fingerprint Attendance Timax Plus

  • Time attendance device capable of recording 500 fingerprints
  • Fingerprint Time attendance device capable of registering 150,000 traffic and 16,000 users
  • Time attendance device capable of recording 10 fingerprints per personnel
  • Ability to transfer recorded fingerprints from Timax Plus time attendance to Virdi devices and vice versa
  • Fake fingerprint recognition made with silicone, plastic, film, paper, and etc.
  • Time attendance device equipped with a contactless 125 kHz card reader or Mifare 13.56 MHz frequency or simultaneously.
  • Fingerprint Time and attendance device along with a second card reader via standard port Wiegand due to saving money on purchase second device
  • Biometric attendance machine equipped an anti-scratch Korean sensor with the ability to detect live and fake fingerprints (unique)
  • Time attendance Timax Plus with the ability to turning on a fingerprint sensor automatically when touched by a real finger to extend sensor life (Auto Sensing)
  • Time and attendance device with the ability to reading a fingerprint in 3 ways: server only, terminal only, and server terminal combination
  • Time attendance device has a 3.5-inch full-color display
  • Time and attendance device customizable Time attendance device by a touch keyboard
  • Time attendance device Timax Plus equipped with lights to display identification, non-identification and Watchdog status
  • Time and attendance device with the ability to disable any user
  • Display personnel name when traffic online and offline on the time attendance system Timax Plus
  • Displaying the number of present personnel on the Time attendance device
  • Ability to personalize attendance device voice messages
  • Ability to update Time and attendance device via flash memory or software
Max Users 16,000
Log Storage 150,000
Fingerprint Storage 500
Fingerprint Resolution (DPI) 500 DPI, Virdi of Korea, Anti-fraud
Card Storage 16,000
Card Type Contactless 125 KHz, Mifare 13.56 MHz
Display Size 3.5 Inch
Display Type Graphical
Keyboard 15 Touch keys
RS485 Optional
Dimension (mm) 155*215*40
Weight (g) 480
Working Temperature (Celsius) 0 ~ 50
Working Humidity (%) 90
Power Supply DC 12 V - 2 A