ZK VF600 Face Time Attendance

  • ZK VF600 is a face time and attendance device usable with face, card, and password
  • Face recognization time attendance machine suitable for a dark place
  • Face recognition time and attendance ability to register personnel's images
  • Face recognition time attendance machine have English and Farsi sound for different using
  • Face recognition time and attendance ability to set a device with a touch keyboard
  • 3 Inch touch panel color display
  • Use keyboard or card for special in-out
  • 2 Level access for manager and operator
  • Daylight saving time
  • ZK VF600 Time and attendance device able to autotest itself
  • Device update with software or USB storage
  • Connection with LAN, USB, Wi-Fi(optional)
  • Transfer information from one device to others
  • Face recognition time and attendance equipped with Persian, and English calendar
Max Users 10,000
Event Log Storage 100,000
Face Storage (1:1) 800
Face Storage (1:N) 1,200
Card Storage 10,000
Card Type Contactless 125 KHz, Mifare 13.56 MHz
Camera Yes
Display Size 3 Inch
Display Type Full color touch
Keyboard Touch screen
Wi-Fi Yes
Dimension (mm) 105*160*36
Weight (g) 480
Working Temperature (Celsius) 0 ~ 45
Working Humidity (%) 80
Power Supply DC 12V - 2A Adaptor , 2000 mAh UPS(optional)