Palizafzar Portfolio


Commercial buildings have several specific needs in terms of security and access. Our range of terminals and solutions provide a helpful way of securing offices. Ensure personnel can enter and exit from their specified areas, using them to safeguard premises and assets from disaster or theft.

Manage your building

Our user-friendly time attendance and access control systems allow you to manage your positions from one central policy when installed on a network, making administration convenient as excellent as straightforward.


Industrial facilities have a range of requirements. It is crucial to have a cost-effective and convenient way of protecting the premises, personalities, and materials. Our access control terminals can extend a user-friendly solution.

What should you expect from having an indeed access control system?

  • Central, multi-site management
  • Convertible levels of access for particular areas and staff
  • Restrict access to machinery – extra security levels can be implemented so that only qualified users may access machinery.
  • Manage multiple sections on a single system – only one server is needed for up to 1,000 doors.
  • Online system management – view events and alerts remotely to your smart device with the Unis app.

Establishing access rights

Depending on which time and attendance systems you choose, access permissions can be managed from a stand-alone PC or locally at each door. Either way, our astonishing access control solutions can help you manage your site with various access permissions.

  • Double authentication – doors can be set to require a password, PIN, or biometric authentication, especially fingerprints and faces for protected areas to enhance security.
  • Temporary access – supply guests, contractors, or temporary workers with a sign that has a time limitation, granting them access to the place for a specific time range.
  • Emergency lockdown – secure a site rapidly by disabling valid user access through elected doors at the touch of a fingerprint sensor.
  • Contactless door handles – quickly ensure single or multiple doors such as hotel rooms and gym cupboards with machinery access control solutions.
  • Multi-tenant / Multi-site – restrict operators to only administer tokens within a specific office for when more than one business is sharing a building
  • Create groups – easily duplicate access permissions for multiple users or specific units


The access and security needs for residential properties vary in urban areas and having a flexible solution are vital. Our time & attendance and access control systems provide a scalable, cost-effective, and beneficial way of ensuring buildings are properly secured. On the other hand, they allow residents easy access.



Education amenities have a responsibility to ensure the safety of employees and students and protect property and belongings from theft or damage. Palizafzar access control systems can bring a simple, user-friendly solution that offers benefits beyond just securing doors.

Our terminals and solutions features:

  • Flexibility to manage turning schedules of a busy campus
  • Automated door open and close times for school hours
  • Prevent unauthorized people from entering the school