Palizafzar’s Resellers Conference

Palizafzar’s Resellers Conference

Tribute conference to resellers and presentation of the roadmap to achieve the goals of Palizafar Company was held at Pardisan Hotel in Mashhad on September 5, 2018.

This ceremony was attended by more than 60 resellers from around the Iran and two resellers of Virdi Company South Korea.

The purpose of this conference was tribute of the best resellers and introduce new products. Also, new solutions offered by the company to achieving the goals that it was held magnificently at Pardisan hotel in Mashhad.

Also, strategic review of current and future challenges of human resource management conference was held by Professor Mir Sepasi's speech in Pardisan hotel main hall conference at mashhad on September 6, 2018.

The conference attended by more than 300 human resource managers from companies and organizations, the book "Karbast-e Tafakor-e Stratezhik Dar Rahbari Manaabe Ensani" by Dr. Khodamatgarzar was presented and our ceremony was decorated with his speech.