Fingerprint Access Control AC2200

  • Use fingerprint, card and ID
  • Fake fingerprint detection sensor
  • No scratch fingerprint sensor
  • Define 10 fingerprint for each person
  • Contactless reader 125 KHz or 13.56 MHz
  • Using external fingerprint sensor connect by RS485 port
  • Using external reader by Wiegand port
  • Setting device with keyboard
  • Control fingerprint recognition by server mode (LAN) or device
  • Fingerprint Access Control with graphical and TFT LCD 1.77 inch
  • In-put, out-put relay for control gates
  • Define access level password by card or fingerprint
  • Get transaction data by LAN connection
  • Transfer fingerprint data from one device to other device by LAN connection
  • Gregory and Iranian calendar
  • Device update with software
  • 480*640 Pixel digital camera
  • Connect to cellphone with Bluetooth for guess entrance permission
  • IP65 dust and waterproof standard
  • Access Control with 10,000(1:1) and 1,500(1:N) fingerprint
Log Storage 100,000
Log's Image Storage 10,000
Fingerprint Resolution (DPI) 500 DPI, Virdi of Korea, Anti-fraud
Card Type 125KHz, 13.56MHz, HID(iClass & Prox: Optional)
CPU Frequency 400 MHz, ARM9
Internal Storage 128MB NAND Flash
Display Size 1.77 Inch, color display
Keyboard 4 touch keys
Camera Yes
Bluetooth Yes
RS485 Yes
Wiegand Yes
WiFi Yes
Dimension (mm) 58*191*62
Working Temperature (Celsius) -20 ~ 60
Max Users 10,000
Fingerprint Storage (1:1) 10,000
Fingerprint Storage (1:N) 1,500