Parking Automation

Parking Automation

Components of an ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) system:

  • ANPR camera for taking pictures
  • ANPR software which is responsible for recognizing number plate from recorded images.
  • Sometimes and depending on the condition use of specific hardware such as camera stand, roadblock and...

ANPR cameras :

The most important features of the ANPR camera is the resolution of the image. Whatever we have high quality images, the ability to recognize number plate will be easy from the resulting images. The ANPR CCTV (Closed Circuit TelevVision) are divided into two types analog and digital. The maximum resolution of CCTV Analog that you give will be 720 TVL equivalent to 0.5 MP. These types of CCTV were used for the first application with low cost in past, But today’s mostly used digital CCTVs to achieve better results and quality.

WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) :

  • When part of an image is extremely dark but another part is so bright you can’t see any details, that’s dynamic range, the difference in lighting. Cameras with wide dynamic range (WDR) have special software that allows them to balance that lighting for one clear image. This makes them ideal for recording areas like store entrances where the contrast between the sunshine outside and the dim lighting inside can be extremely difficult to record.
  • Cameras have problems with underexposed and overexposed images because they can only accurately record the middle area of light between very dark and very bright. Cameras with WDR technology have advanced sensors that can produce a wider range of lighting, allowing them to record in a higher light depth.
  • CCTV without WDR capability
    CCTV without WDR capability
    CCTV with WDR capability
    CCTV with WDR capability

Features of an ANPR system :

A strong ANPR system requires a very strong and accurate software. If only one character mistake to be identified from 8 characters in this case an error occurs in ANPR and cause number plate encounter an error in comparison with server information. After ensure software, the most important factor is selecting an ANPR industrial CCTV with high precision. The ANPR system should be designed that it haven’t problem to reading number plate and environmental conditions such as daylight and night light, rain, snow, fog and cloudy weather don’t affect it. Today's CCTV use HLC (High Light Compensation) technology to read the number plate at night. That infrared radiates to car's number plate at entrance to parking so cameras can neutralize the effects of car lights and cause reading number plate done easily. The range of reading ANPR varies depending on the CCTV. The highway ANPR usually supports up to 100 meters and the parking ANPR supports about 3 to 10 meters.

Advantages of ANPR software :

  • You can make a report by applying various options in the program such as entrance time of vehicles.
  • About the number of vehicles entrance and exit get informed at 24hours/day.
  • Cars recognizing have been parked a long time.
  • No need to issue cards for cars because each number plate has an independent identity.
  • To avoid relocate cars the initial photo is provided on entrance at the ANPR system when they leaving parking.

The necessity of exist or delete operator in parking automation :

Considering we haven’t any financial transaction on entrance the collection, the ANPR CCTV records time, date of entrance and number plate and may entry bill needn’t to be issued or if it requires a bill can be printed easily by the printer but the presence of operator is necessary when leaving public parking or airport. Of course, electronic locations can be considered that people pay park fees when they are leaving and after payment a relay will be activated by the roadblock or doors to exit.

Usage of ANPR system:

  • In the parking of commercial complex, residential, Organizations, airports and public parking in the city
  • As a access control in intersection of streets and highways
  • Stations receiving tolls electronically or by users
  • The range of couple and individual traffic plans in the city
  • Access control of vehicles from special lines such as tunnels and bus special lines
  • Census of passing through cars to control traffic at the main entrances cities
  • Limitation passing through cars from special doors

For ordering parking software you can refer to this link: Parking Software