Breakdown of Chinese face recognition systems

Breakdown of Chinese face recognition systems

Medical masks limit facial biometrics from acting in China

At this time, facial recognition is often missing in China, having a difficult time recognizing people using medical masks to defend themselves from coronavirus. As citizens are patrolling the streets with their faces half-covered, unlocking their smartphones with face recognition or creating a biometric mobile payment have proven impossible.

According to people commenting about their life on the Chinese microblogging website Weibo, when they are in sleep is the only time some are not using the mask. Some people hope Apple will return fingerprint readers, or they protested they cannot enter their facial recognition-enabled gated areas. The masks are also making it more difficult for China’s facial recognition system, a wide variety expanded in train stations, airports, stores, and hotels monitoring ones. Users have become much habituated to using facial recognition for payments that they are cagey return to password payments.

“We tested the mask-wearing scenario on the Mate 20 Pro,” wrote Huawei vice president Bruce Lee on Weibo. “But there are too few feature points for the eyes and the head, so it’s impossible to ensure security. We gave up on facial unlock for mask or scarf wearing. This is also why we still keep fingerprint recognition while supporting 3D facial recognition on our phones.”

As coronavirus incidents are increasing, Chinese people are not willing to go out of their houses without masks. Since it became general anxiety, the website Alibaba has sold 80 million masks up to now.

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