Biometric body temperature & facial recognition

Biometric body temperature & facial recognition

NEC XON Biometric Facial Recognition & Body Temperature Solutions

NEC XON, formed by XON and NEC Africa, has achieved the NEC NeoFace Watch biometric face recognition platform with its workplace monitoring solutions to help COVID-19 workplace health and safety policies, along with thermal cameras for body temperature scanning. The solution presents automated employees for compliant access control and contact tracing, with or without masks. It also automatically sends a digital COVID-19 survey to the mobile phone of the person requesting access and stores their answers in a database.

“Employee and visitor safety is a priority for many organizations now, particularly at this time,” says Eugene le Roux, chief executive for Africa at NEC XON. “It’s now law under the Disaster Management Act to wear a mask at all times when in a public place, such as an office building, as well as to manage the numbers of employees and visitors on the premises at any given time. This solution was designed to automate that process with the necessary alerts sent directly to the company’s pandemic management and response team always to act immediately. From an informed basis, should we need to?”

Uniview Facial Recognition & Temperature Detection Access Control

Uniview to reopen the country’s economy has given temperature screening products to various government departments, embassies, universities, and other facilities in Malaysia. The OET-213H-BTS1+EP-S31-W is the best product in Uniview’s UNV Heat-Tracker body temperature scanning solution and product series. According to the announcement, the mentioned product presents body temperature scanning correct within 0.3 degrees Celsius, biometric facial recognition, and adaptability with existing access control systems, in only 0.2 seconds. The device will be deployed to entrances, where if signs are detected, it will sound an alarm. Information obtained by the device will be submitted to a centralized real-time management portal, the company says.

Coronavirus Management Systems by TempuCheck

TempuCheck has driven a contactless body temperature scanning kiosk with facial recognition, which it says is an affordable solution for occupied locations. It is said to be two kiosk models are given, delivering accurate body temperature measurement within three seconds and playing an alarm if a high temperature is identified. The kiosk can be used in the lobbies, hallways, and high traffic areas at companies, institutions, clinics, and residential buildings and be combined with access control systems.

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