NEC facial recognition system at Olympics

NEC facial recognition system at Olympics

NEC unveils facial recognition systems at Tokyo 2020 Olympics

NEC and the organizers’ goal is for the facial recognition system to speed this process up as much as possible. Tokyo 2020 could be the hottest Olympics in more than a century. Tokyo 2020 presents new security challenges that will require speedy identification. The games get underway on July 24th, 2020. If the scorching temperatures are usually during July, this would be the hottest Olympic Games in over a century. The goal is to facilitate and speed up the process since the Olympics will occur during some of Japan's hottest months. NEC notes that this will be a quicker way for people to identify themselves at each venue.

The Japanese company NEC has developed of technology called Neo Face that will be used to identify over 300 thousand people at Tokyo's 2020 Olympics, yet this doesn't include spectators. The system will be used for athletes, media, and other staff. NEC demonstrated the technology in Tokyo, showing how athletes and other staff would not enter venues if they were holding someone else’s IC chips. It worked smoothly with multiple people moving through it quickly; the screen displayed the IC chips holder’s photo almost immediately.

The company even brought out a six-foot-eight former Olympic volleyball player to demonstrate that the system would work with people of all heights. Although NEC has robust experience in this field, as familiarity with face recognition technology grows worldwide, Tokyo 2020 could be its highest-profile test yet.

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