Time and attendance systems in Iran

Time and attendance systems in Iran

How much does adp time and attendance cost?

By using time attendance systems, managers can easily monitor their employees from anywhere. It is increasingly important to have an excellent organizational structure. Additionally, with the advancements of mobile devices like smartphones and laptops, we notice that a lot more business activities are happening outside of the office, consequently keeping online data management is essential. No matter where you are, in other words, you can readily understand how much they have worked by using your smartphone, laptop, or personal computer.

It would help if you had a time and attendance system:

  • To get rid of paper-based monitoring: Employees very often find themselves surrounded with papers galore—so much so that the documents pile up in stocks and end up overwhelming them! A time attendance system would eliminate the need to resort to paper-based attendance tracking, which more often than not results in erroneous calculations, especially because one is very likely to lose a sheet of paper or two among hoards of papers!
  • To shift to a wholly accurate and modern time tracking solution: Manual tracking is very prone to errors. Recent times call for a time-based attendance system to eliminate inaccuracies in attendance tracking and punch-in and employees' punch-out times.
  • To stop employees from deliberately entering incorrect records: Employees often enter wrong 'in' and 'out' times on purpose when records are maintained manually to avoid being penalized by their line managers. Many survey results indicate that this is, perhaps, the most common way employees are likely to steal from their bosses! A time attendance system does not give the power to enter 'in' and 'out' times to employees, thereby eliminating the deliberately induced discrepancy.
  • To take another step towards flourishing: Researches show that organizations that adopted the modern time attendance systems gained from it and only grew in the long run.
  • To avail the benefits of real-time data: Most time attendance systems, especially biometric time attendance systems, are compatible with HR software that can help gain real-time access to the data without waiting for it to be updated and verified.
  • To increase security: Biometric systems, in particular, are used extensively in such offshore dedicated centers to meet the stringent security mandates laid down by the clients. Passwords account for 81 percent of data breaches, making them the biggest flaw in personal and enterprise security. Biometrics allows companies to replace passwords and tokens with an easy-to-use yet secure solution, eliminating the threat passwords pose and boosting overall access control with proof of identity.
  • To establish procedures more transparent: With a time tracking system, employees can see their exact punch/swipe in and out times at the end of every month. The procedures get more transparent as everyone can have a look at the working hours of one another. The establishment of such a fair system will promote punctuality and trust among all your organization employees. Your employees must be in the habit of taking the time tracking system just within a month or two of installation and use of an automated system; you will see a sharp surge in all your employees' punctuality.
  • Increase productivity: A biometric clocking system, whereby employees clock in or out via fingerprint or facial recognition, provides organizations with a secure and accurate way to track time and attendance. Managing your workforce efficiently and smartly using a time attendance solution will eliminate time theft and manual timesheet data entry, saving up to 7 minutes per employee per week and helping you with a more productive workforce.
  • Save money and increase profits: Government statistics state that you will likely hit an error rate of between 1% and 5% at the payroll process if you use a manual system. Moving from a manual to an automated system will reduce that error rate, which depending on the size of the organization, could start saving you money straight away. It's not just a reduction in error rate that will provide you with a return on investment. Managers will have the ability to create more strategic schedules, limiting overtime, and creating a more streamlined operation.
  • Managing the workforce at work: As with most technology these days, time and Attendance solutions often have apps associated with them, which improves communication between managers and employees and allows both parties to manage schedules and holidays easily. Employees can easily view what shifts they are working, go one step further, and see what variations are available, request them, and have the manager approve.
  • The main advantage that Biometric authentication brings to security is proof of who's behind the transaction. Whether it's making a payment or logging into a server, biometrics require a physical component, to which the user is to grant access.

Why do companies use time and attendance systems?

If you have not hitherto installed a time attendance system in your office, it is high time you get one. One apparent reason to do so is that keeping track of employee attendance and their reporting times manually can get arduous and time-consuming for your payroll department. Imagine how difficult it must be for the payroll personnel to sift through every employee's manual records at the end of each month before preparing their salaries!

Efficiency in a system depends on various factors, mainly producing high-quality goods, performance speed, cost-saving, profitability, and ease to personnel. Palizafzar Co. has manufactured hundreds of thousands of time attendance and access control systems since 1995 due to helping other companies and institutions grow.

Advantages of time and attendance systems:

  • Reduce costs and increase work efficiency
  • Provide a variety of management reports
  • Reduce errors and mistakes due to manual calculations
  • Speed and ease in payroll calculations
  • Ease of storage and retrieval of recorded data
  • Control staff and personnel traffic and schedule it.
  • Ability to provide several deductions, absenteeism, overtime, missions, and vacation.
  • Trust management and personnel department to the correctness of the registered times


Even if your company is tiny in terms of its employee strength, consider how many resources you are looking at hiring shortly. If you are looking to scale up and expand your business, a time attendance system would only do you right.

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