How to choose the best access control systems

How to choose the best access control systems
  • Is your business or residential area as secure as it should be? Do you know how to choose the best access control systems? If you own some areas or jobs that have "location limitation", then you can use the Palizafzar`s access control system. Before you start shopping, it’s important to understand exactly what you can expect from an access control system.
  • If you are installing a security system in your home, you might want to control remotely things like automated door locking, turn on/off the air conditioning, or turn off lights. You may also want to be integrated your access control system with your security cameras (CCTV) so you can monitor your home from a smartphone while you’re away.
  • If you are installing an access control system for your business, you might want to keep track of which employees can access different areas. Think about the location of your entrances and exit, physical features of the building, any potential vulnerability, what are hours of your operation are, and number of people that will come into the building every day. Anything such as intruders, criminals, disgruntled employees, terrorists, natural disasters, and etc that could harm the critical operations and assets of a business is considered a security threat is important to understand that the best security system for a building is not always the most advanced system. Careful assessment of security needs and goals will help business managers to select a system lay the best foundation for a secure building.
  • Not every access control system is created equally. Each one has varying levels of security and reliability. Your requirements may also be different depending on your current building and business needs.
  • Below we’ll tell you exactly what you need to know how to choose the best access control system.
  • Consider the following factors to select the best access control device:

Consider access control policies and access control device models:

One of the most important things to think when looking for an access control system is personnel control policies, device models depending on the number of personnel, and how to identify them with fingerprints, face, cards and know the mechanism of their operation. The implementation models of the access control system are very varied and it is very important to know exactly what type of access control you want. You can assign them permission-based on rank and position in the organization (Role-Based Access Control). Alternatively, you can also assign access base on specific names on a list (Discretionary Access Control).

Know the type of hardware you need:

  • The next factor to specify is what type of access hardware you want to use e.g. fingerprint or face recognition access control device. What kind of lock do you want to use? Magnetic lock door or keylock control door. How to identify it? Verify identity with a card, password, or fingerprint.
  • This type of hardware is one that allows some personnel to access a specific location or prevent other people from entrance them. Different types of accessibility features on devices can affect the level of security of your location and each of them has a certain advantage and superiority than other identification methods e.g. the fingerprint provides a much higher level of security than card identification.

Consider the level of security:

Selecting the security level of the access control device depends on your individual needs e.g. a large office building may have different access control needs than an automatic access control system in a public place. To decide what level of security you need you should take many factors into consideration. These factors may include the location of your business, the crime level in your area, and your business hours.

History and Reliability of the Manufacturer:

If you want to install an access control system for your collection, you should carefully review the manufacturer's information and how to support and install devices before purchasing. By researching the company you understand how long the company has been working and how it generates, supports, or develops the product you are looking for. Once you have obtained enough information about your manufacturer company, you can get an appraisal before purchasing to find out if the purchase is right for you or wrong.

Operating system, connectivity, and compatibility with other systems:

It is very important to consult with our experts when you are choosing a suitable access control device. It's better to install and implement an access control system, you'll get information about the compatibility and equipment needed for devices with other hardware. Some access control devices may not be compatible with each operating system, while others also benefit from web-based and network-based connectivity.

What to expect from an access control device?

Implementing an access control system is a great investment so, it's important to keep in mind that after installing and implementing the access control system, how will access be done, and has your expectations solved? Before choosing an access control device for your business, make sure that the company will provide upgrades for its products in the future, and how will be the installation, service, and after-sales support? Also, keep in mind that if you decide to change systems in the future, you will need to know how it be easy and how much it can cost.

Considering security in each of the control doors:

You need to think carefully about each controlled door because all doors or gates do not require the same level of security at all levels. Excessive security controls in entrance and exiting can lead to a reduction in the efficiency of individuals in the business exit can cause a reduction efficiency at work because every time someone passes through the door, he has to take a moment to validate and access to the place you want. So it's good to have the correct balance in each door or so, you can maintain your security and at the same time make sure your business performance is on the rising.

Assessment and estimates the cost of purchasing and installing an access control system:

Before you want to install an access control device in your collection, you need to specify how much you want to spend. New security enhancements include biometric systems, CCTV cameras, and smart cards that biometrics devices are more expensive than smart cards. Business owners should find a system that is effective and affordable. System maintenance, upgrades, and training also include costs that you may don’t mind. Be sure to ask questions about the amount of prepayment or long-term periodic discounts from any company you are considering purchasing. Even if you have a good idea about paying fees, contact the manufacturer.

Considering the location and type of building:

Buildings located near transportation and cultural centers or tourist attractions are inherently at higher risk of crime and terrorist activity and may need extra protection. Research any history of threats to the building and surrounding area by contacting the police department.

Life of the access control systems:

Consider the useful life of the systems and any future building needs. Security technology will continue to advance, coming up with better, more cost-effective methods.

You must answer these questions before you buy an access control device:

  1. Does the company has a professional service group or solutions to integrate two databases or expand it on a large scale?

    Integration and compatibility with other hardware in access control systems can be a great way to demonstrate the readiness and ability to meet future customer needs and the maker continues to invest in improving its system so, resulting in an overall solution for all customer needs.

  2. Do you want a web-based connection in your access control system?

    It is very important to choose a system that allows you to connect to your EAC system in order to manage system devices, users, and view reports from any device that has access to the Internet because give you the flexibility to be “connected” to your facility’s security at all times from anywhere.

  3. Does your cost estimate cover a five year period?

    Do not look for systems that have the lowest cost. It is important to check all costs overtime to decide which system will give you the best investment for access control in a long time. Business costs, upgrade operations, maintenance, training, and other cases of having an access control system all have to be considered.

  4. What would be involved and what are facilities if you had to change systems in the future?

    Physical and environmental conditions in the future can change, although not really desirable, you may need to change the access control system that you use. Depending on the system you are using, it may be very difficult or even impossible to convert an existing system to another. Now it's very important to consider the control systems that are built on open architecture. This architecture allows you to easily migrate from one system to another with potentially fewer problems.

  5. What kind of operating system and versions are supported by the access control device?

    As the software is a key component of access control systems, it is very important that the system you choose is compatible with your company's operating systems also, you need to consider the database version required.

  6. How many areas do you want to secure?

    The choice of an access control system depends on the number of security areas in the business environment such as doors, cabinets, and shelves. Usually, most of the Palizafzar’s access control devices provide security needs for business from one to several areas.

  7. Will upgrades be available for the system in the future?

    It is most important to ask manufacturer questions about how to install, setup, service, after sell support, and how to update devices. Your requirements are likely to be very different in the next three to five years, and at that time you will be able to upgrade the access control system. We’ll continue to examine the technical details of each access control device of Palizafzar Co. Then you can choose the best access control device for your organization by comparing the features on each device. Notice you can click on the name of each device to refer to details such as images, training videos, and technical information.

Device Name Fingerprint(1:N) Card 125KHz 13MHz Smart Card HID Prox HID iClass Logs Log Images Camera Operating System CPU Type CPU Speed Core Display Keyboard Internal storage Main Memory(RAM) SD Card Wi-Fi Weigand USB UDL RS485 RS232 LAN Bluetooth Dimension (mm) Working temperature C° Working humidity(RH) Power Supply Weight(g) Special Feature
AC5000 Plus 15,000 20,000 Optional Optional 64,000 - -   ARM 533 MHz   2.8"Color 15 Touch Key 32 MB 128 MB - - - - 88 x 175 x 43 -20 ~ 60 80 12V - 2A 320 Working temperature up to -20°C
AC2200H 5,000 10,000 Optional Optional 100,000 10,000 Digital Camera   ARM 9 400 MHz   1.77" Color 4 Touch Key 32MB NOR+ 128MB Flash 64 MB - - 58 x 191 x 62 -20 ~ 60 90 12V - 2A   Working temperature up to -20°C
AC2200 1,500 10,000 Optional Optional 100,000 10,000 Digital Camera   ARM 9 400 MHz   1.77" Color 4 Touch Key 32MB NOR+ 128MB Flash 64 MB - - 58 x 191 x 62 -20 ~ 60 90 12V - 2A   Working temperature up to -20°C
AC2100 Plus 1,500 1,500 Optional Optional 100,000 - -   ARM 9 400 MHz   1.77" Color 4 Touch Key 32MB NOR+ 128MB Flash 64 MB - - - 58 x 191 x 62 -20 ~ 60 90 12V - 2A   Working temperature up to -20°C
AC2100H 1,500 1,500 - - 5,000 - -   32Bit RISC 266 MHz   2.5" Graphical 4 Function Key 4 MB 8 MB Optional - - 93 x 170 x 40 -20 ~ 50 90 12V - 2A 410 Working temperature up to -20°C
AC2100 100 100 - - 5,000 - -   32Bit RISC 266 MHz   2.5" Graphical 4 Function Key 4 MB 8 MB Optional - - 93 x 170 x 40 -20 ~ 50 90 12V - 2A 410 Working temperature up to -20°C
AC2000 1,500 1,500 Optional Optional 51,000 - -   ARM9 400 MHz   - - 32 MB 64 MB - - - - 58 x 188 x 51 -20 ~ 60 90 12V - 2A   Working temperature up to -20°C
AC1100 - 200,000 Optional - 1,000,000 15,000 320 x 480 Android   1 GHz 1 4" Color Touch - 8 GB 512 MB Optional - 80 x 153 x 18 -20 ~ 60 90 12V - 2A   Working temperature up to -20°C
AC-F100 1,000 1,000 - - 1,000,000 10,000 1.3 Megapixel   32Bit RISC 400 MHz   - 4 Touch Key 4MB + 256MB FLASH 8 MB - - - - - 68 x 138 x 37 -20 ~ 50 90 12V - 2A 285 Working temperature up to -20°C